Together Greatwell

Helping us being more inclusive

Together Greatwell is a group of customers who help us to be more inclusive. 

We know that a diverse mix of voices lead to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone, particularly our customers.

What we’ve been up to

Picnic sessions


In June 2023 we enjoyed a meeting with a difference. Several members of the group had been unable to meet in a more formal session as they had their children with them. So we made the most of the beautiful weather and planned a picnic in the park. .

We chatted about our experiences with good and bad customer experiences, which will help make our services and communication better. 

We hope by making meetings more accessible and enjoyable(!) we can hear from the voices of customers who cannot always be heard. 

Stories from around the World:

Bre’r Anancy

To help us reach more customers, the group suggested we make videos to share stories from around the world. Here’s what we made in 2022.
A Poem for World Mental Health Day We worked with Grand Union Housing Group to bring you this special poem for World Mental Health Day on 10th September 2022. You don’t need to suffer alone, go to for help and support.
Reasonable Adjustment Policy In 2022, the group helped us make changes to our Reasonable Adjustments Policy
Neurodiversity Week 2024 Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024


If you would like to find out more about Together Greatwell, please contact Lorraine Gibson, at