Keeping A Pet

At Greatwell Homes we recognise that pets are a part of the family, and that owning a pet brings many benefits such as companionship, increased exercise, opportunities for socialising and improved health and well-being.

Our existing tenancy and lease agreements contain conditions for owning pets, and our Pet Policy sets out to maximise opportunities for customers to own a pet without it affecting their rights and obligations.

We recognise that the majority of pet owners are responsible and seek to ensure their pets do not cause unnecessary nuisance or annoyance to others. However, where this is not the case our Pet Policy will set out our approach to tackling situations where pet ownership causes nuisance to others, damage to property or welfare concerns for the animal.

When we do grant permission to keep a pet it is under the condition of our customers being responsible pet owners and ensuring that their pets do not impact on the rights of others to enjoy their homes and neighbourhoods.

View our Pet Policy here: Pet Ownership Policy

View our Guidance to keeping a pet here: Pet Guidance Leaflet 

Find the Pet Ownership Application form here: Pet Ownership Application Form


Frequently Asked Questions

At Greatwell Homes, we want to encourage all of our customers who do own a pet to be considerate and responsible in their pet ownership, from considering which pet might best suit their home type and lifestyle to the simple things like ensuring that th ensuring that they do not cause noise disturbance or fouling.

Greatwell Homes will not give permission for any of the following animals to reside in customers’ homes:

• Any breed of dog banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991)
• An animal that would require a licence under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act (1976)
• Birds of prey
• Cattle, Horses, Goats, Sheep, or other livestock

We will not give permission for pets purchased for the purposes of commercial breeding, nor will we give permission for customers to board animals on behalf of others. We will not give permission for pets that would be kept or tethered outside on communal areas.


We may exercise our discretion when considering applications for the following pets:

• Poultry
• Micro Pigs
• Bees / Beehives

Before considering applications for the above, we will consider the welfare of the animal, and the potential impact on neighbours.