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Over 600 homes to be made safer and more secure on the Queensway

Homes are to be more secure and streets to be made safer on the Queensway in Wellingborough as part of the Safer Streets Funds.

Around 650 homes on Kiln Way and Minerva Way will be fitted with new, secure front and rear doors and will be given free home security products. New CCTV, security lights and gates on alleys will also be installed on the estate.

We’ll be working with the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and the North Northamptonshire Council to consult with local residents on the safety improvements over the next couple of months.

Jo Savage, chief executive at Greatwell Homes, said: “We work closely with customers, communities and partners to shape places that people are proud of, so we’re delighted to be able to work the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner again to improve the safety and security of our customers – this time on the Queensway.

“We’re very proud that we can work with other organisations to provide homes where customers feel safe and neighbourhoods where people want to stay.”

Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold said: “I’m thrilled that the bids we have put forward for additional funding to tackle crime in Northamptonshire have yet again been successful.  This money will be used on practical measures to tackle crime and make people safer and will focus on the priorities that local people have told us they want to see dealt with.

“We’ll be working in partnership with other agencies and with local communities to make Northamptonshire safer.  I’m pleased to have been able to bring more money to the county to do this and to have the opportunity to do even more to directly protect local communities and to focus on preventing crime.”

A similar project on the Hemmingwell estate is almost complete where new windows and doors were replaced at around 300 homes on Gannet Lane and Fulmer Lane.

You can read more about how we create safe, secure and sustainable homes for people in North Northamptonshire in our Live safe strategy here.