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What happens if we go into lockdown again?

As the Government have started to lift some of the restrictions that were put in place in March, many of our services are now back up and running. There is, however, a possibility of a second wave or a local lockdown and we appreciate that many of you may be wondering how this will affect our services.

Whilst we don’t have all of the answers, all of our decisions will be following Government or Local Authority advice and guidelines. We have developed a plan in the event that this does occur, so we can ensure that we can act as swiftly as possible.

Listed below is a list of things that we know we will be and will not be doing if another lockdown occurs.

We will:

  • Always have our customer’s and employee’s safety as our highest priority
  • Follow Government advice and guidelines that are announced in the event of a second wave
  • Follow Local Authority advice and guidelines in the event of a local lockdown
  • Always deliver emergency repairs to keep you, your families and your homes safe
  • Check in with our most vulnerable customers via telephone
  • Signpost anyone in need of additional support to other organisations who can help
  • Provide regular updates to our customers
  • Continue monthly Health and Safety checks at our Independent Living schemes

We will not:

  • Purchase or collect groceries or medication for our customers including those in our Independent Living schemes – but will signpost you to the best service to help you
  • Make any decisions that are not in line with the Government or local authority guidelines
  • Evict anyone who is in arrears and/or financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic

Decisions on all of our other services and areas of the business will be made as and when the restrictions are announced by the Government or Local Authority.

You can find what services we are currently delivering here.